6 Market Place Leicester LE1 5GF


TEL; 07411753086 

I am away from 1st Sept to 8th Sept. 

Please note that after Sept I will only be available Wed Thurs & Fri

from 11am to 7pm

If you can't get a booking with me try our junior waxing tech.

Paige is fully qualified in intimate waxing...

Please note that Paige only offers female waxing...

Call/Text  07428673793

Appointments only 


Male & Female Waxing 

Welcome to Urban,a small private studio

specialising in strip wax and non-strip wax for

body, face and intimate waxing. 


 Waxing with Michelle

Fully trained in advanced waxing I offer both male

and female body, face and intimate waxing. I'm

 professional and friendly and will make you feel at

ease. Nothing will shock or surprise me as being an

oldie in the profession 'I've seen it all.' I have

 now been waxing almost daily for 7 years and have

come across the most trickiest of situations that

any waxing technician could ever come across...of

course there will always be one !! Call or text

Mobile: 07411753086 

 Waxing with Paige

Paige is an up and coming therapist who has her

own quaint little space within Urban. Paige offers

female body, face and intimate waxing. Please note

Paige does NOT do male waxing. Fully trained in all

waxing and under the watchful eye of myself she

has become a confident and experienced waxing

technician. So if its female waxing your looking for

and I'm not available please don't hesitate to give

her a call/text on...


Mobile: 07428673793